【FAカップ決勝】Kaoru Mitoma All Actions v Liverpool | Fourth Round | Emirates FA Cup 2022-23


That was a masterclass by him,not a single bad touch on the ball. Every single play was brilliant.
This guy just showed up and became a top winger and the best dribbler in the league.
What a player Mitoma is. Never heard of him before this season yet I’ve watched him 6 times now and he’s been outstanding every time he’s played! Brighton do an amazing job of recruiting these talents and hopefully they can keep hold of him for a few more years
Kaoru Mitoma is such an amazing player with outstanding dribbling, pace, and his smart play on the winning goal.
His simple but elegant dribbling style is absolutely entertaining.
I can tell by his touches and techniques he is gonna be one of the best. Mark my words
ホビージャパン サイバーパンクRED ルールブック
For those of you who don’t know, he has a PHD in dribbling.
Brighton’s offensive system maximizes Mitoma’s abilities and he understands it well.
The best thing about him is his unpredictabilty
He kept giving Liverpool chills in the game