【FGO】FGO 4 Year Player Experience


Takes me back when I first started in NA, got my first SSR after almost a year of playing which is Summer Nero. Stopped two times for many months because my potato phone couldn’t keep up. Got myself new phone early last year and suddenly my luck skyrocketed. Got myself meta Casters despite being strictly F2P 🙏
man i hope the game gets a lot of new players (like me) so that your channel can blow up, you deserve it
Ever since playing fgo back in January, it gives me salt and happiness, i really like the characters, story, and gameplay, but the gacha is terribly hard on people which i like because when you finally get the 5* its more rewarding than in other gacha games, so i hope other fate fans play fgo because its that fun for me, just good luck in the gacha
Takes me back when I got my first GSSR it was Enkidu got I love my Clayboy also I always look forward for summer events. Waver really took me so long to get really 😭 I used these GSSR tickets. I also want to finished leveling up all my servants too someday. But I am f2p
Man I remember my 1st 5* which was my first gacha salt experience, as I was aiming for the 3* on rate up lmao.

Thanks for sharing the journey you’ve had with FGO!

i started playing around 2 years ago and my first 5 star was cu’ alter. he carried me through the entire act 1 of fate.
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I remember playing fate grand order and getting grandpa Hassan as my first five star to this day I still rely on him when a battle is to hard to fight thank you for the memories.
I remember playing this around 4 years in NA. And the first ever 5 star was Scathach which I’ve always been aiming for and my favorite fate Servant. Despite the abysmal gacha rates I enjoy the story and satisfied that I got most of the 5 star Servants I wanted.
It appears that we both started playing at nearly the same time. A timeline where we got to enjoy every re-run event and get all of the welfare servants. I was spoiled rotten as a new player. In my first roll I wanted Jeanne, but I got Jack. Barely clothed loli did not impress me at the time. 21 hour maintenance for Nero Fest happened and I got double Nero Bride. Luck dried out right there because I got no 5 star servants for a solid 6 months. It has been a wild ride these 4 years.

By only paying for GSSR and being VERY selective and cost prohibitive on servants I want because I like them (Like Super Orion) and sparing no F2P expense for those I want for gameplay (like Caster Artoria) … I almost hit 2000 SQ earlier this summer. Patience, pragmatism and clairvoyance is how I play. I’m pretty sure that won’t save me when it comes to next year however.

My first 5 star was definitely an experience. Because I was new, I didn’t understand what to look out for, so when I got a gold summon and got Nero Summer, I didn’t think much of it. If anything, I didn’t even realize I had gotten a 5 star as I didn’t pay attention to Nero’s rarity. It wasn’t until a week later that I found out that Nero was a 5 star until I ran out of room in the party cost, making me confused as to why Nero cost so much. I always think fondly of that experience because of how silly it is. If anything, most of my experiences getting 5 stars are very memorable to me because of how silly they are, which I have dubbed the “accident" summons as almost all my 5 stars fit this category. For example, I remember when Skadi came out, everyone was incredibly hyped to get her. I, on the other hand, wanted to get Quetzalcoatl who was sharing a banner with Skadi since I wanted Quetzalcoatl a lot and, at the time, didn’t have a use for Skadi. As of now, I have a bond 10 Skadi and no Quetzalcoatl, besides the Santa version.

FGO is the first gacha game I played where I truly got to care about all the characters and the story. Every character, even the characters that I dislike, has a special place in my heart. As a fgo player who recently hit their 1000th day, I look back at my experience with joy as I had a very joyous and memorable experience throughout my whole time playing. I hope to keep continuing to play as there are many servants I want later on that I really want, the closest right now being Van Gogh.