【WATWING】The Flash Dark Flash Plot LEAK!? FIRST LOOK At Keatons BATWING! New Flash & More


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I plan to watch just because of Keaton but I have a feeling they aren’t telling us the whole plan. I suspect we will get a reboot setup with Wally West by the end of the movie.
I very much doubt it is a reset, It is going to be an important movie and it will open the multiverse to other versions of the characters to be explored and older versions of the characters to be revisited. They will leave the door open for older characters to return as they have with Keaton’s Batman so we may get still get Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 & 3 at some point.
VERY EXCITED to see this film out of all the upcoming DCEU movies dropping in 2023!
The ending can be made so that the Ezra Miller flash does his thing in this movie and ends up sacrificing himself to the speedforce collapsing the current realities restarting them and turning into the lightning bolt that strikes the new flash actor.
I’m on the side where the next few movies are not canon anymore so I won’t be wasting my time watching them anymore. Overall, I am burnt out on comic book/super hero movies.
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I will watch it.
There is Continuity Because Flash Won’t Erase anything he will Just Create a New DCU that will Branch off from Everything Else, No Erasures the Multiverse is Just Expanding.
I want to see the flash movie and it’s clear Ezra Miller isnt gonna be the flash anymore he is a PR disaster and I actually want Robert Pattinson as the batman for dcu imo
I still think the flash movie is important.